Jemicy School’s Paragraphology® Writing Academy (designed by expert Jemicy School faculty) is a 5-session course that will guide your child through the steps of writing a basic paragraph, expanding ideas, and then, tackling complex essays. Students’ frustration will diminish as they achieve success with the writing process by learning how to use color-coding and various other tools to unlock prompts. This course enables students to be more independent and confident writers.
Who: 6th-8th grade students NOT currently enrolled at Jemicy
When: SUMMER 2024
  • July 22-26
  • 9:00 am - 11:00 am EDT
Location: Wherever you choose! This workshop is fully online with classes held using a combination of Google and Zoom platforms.

Cost: $395

Instructor: Ben Chafe

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“I used to think that writing was like climbing Mount Everest, and now I feel like I am walking on flat ground.”

-Parent of Paragraphology® Writing Academy Student

For questions and/or additional information, contact:

Megan McGowan (410) 753-8029 or
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