At Jemicy, we are fortunate to have a vibrant and diversified visual arts program that allows students to dabble in numerous and varied mediums. We encourage our students to explore all areas, unafraid of taking risks, even if they are not familiar with the materials or projects. Jemicy’s Visual Arts program is based on the principle that, with instruction and encouragement, everyone has the ability to find success and joy in this area of study. Students are always encouraged to celebrate personal successes and to enjoy the process as much as the outcome.
Integration and cross-curricular partnerships with literature, math, science, social studies, and history help to reinforce and support other areas of learning. Works of recognized artists are explored for their varying styles/genres and periods, used to foster art appreciation, and serve as models for projects.
Visual Arts
Our youngest students explore the different visual arts options that Jemicy has to offer: drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, and glass fusing. They are exposed to many different techniques, materials, and tools, and they develop a global awareness of lines, shapes, colors, textures, and space that is foundational for their artistic development. As students progress through the lower school grades, projects become increasingly more challenging and additional skills – shading and color value, recognition and use of critical detail, thinking outside the box, and the application of higher language concepts to visual arts projects - come into play.
Visual Arts
In Middle School, students’ exposure to different techniques and materials increases, and in addition to the drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, and glass fusing skills introduced in the earlier grades, graphic design, digital film, printmaking, animation, and photography are added. Students are also challenged with more complex projects and learn additional skills i.e. how to recognize particular styles, Adobe Suite functionality, and sketch book use. Productive and constructive peer and instructor critiquing are utilized throughout the creative process.
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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