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The purpose of the Jemicy School Alumni Association is to promote the interests and goals of Jemicy School by providing leadership, support, and resources for the benefit of the School community including alumni, students, parents, faculty, administration and staff.

In order to achieve this, the Association will facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the alumni and School administration, sponsor and promote events, programs and other activities designed to encourage alumni participation. These programs are intended to cultivate a heightened affinity and loyalty for the School and to provide opportunities for the professional, social and intellectual growth of the Alumni Association’s members and students.
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  • President - Ryan Burns ‘98

    “Lean into who you are, to what makes you unique.” Great advice from Ryan Burns ’98, who began his term as president of the Alumni Association Executive Board in 2023. The father of two, who is the senior manager of corporate sales and suites for the Baltimore Ravens, has a busy life but finds time to give back to Jemicy in return for all the school has provided him.  Ryan shares, “As in any sales position, I work with new people every day from all types of industries and partner with them to solve problems. From my first day at Jemicy, I was encouraged to ask questions and look at problems differently than someone else might. Instilling those problem-solving fundamentals so early in life has stuck with me throughout my career.”
    Additionally, he is proud of the work ethic that Jemicy helped him develop and thankful for the building blocks that he was able to take with him as he moved beyond high school. In particular, he loved being part of the plays and recitals, from the lead role in “Grease” to an elephant in the background of “The Lion King.”  Jemicy is grateful that Ryan chooses to use his talents to support Jemicy in any way he can!
  • Vice President - Jonathan Attman ‘07 LMS

    Jonathan Attman ’07 LMS serves as vice president of the Alumni Association Executive Board because “there is no place like Jemicy.”  As principal of Attman Holdings, a successful real estate developer, he credits Jemicy for much of his academic and professional success. “The school embodies the unique ability to build a child’s confidence to think outside of the box. This, in turn, enhances the skillsets needed to become a successful entrepreneur.”

    Like many of our current students, Jonathan loved the experiential learning that was incorporated into his education in the classroom and on the numerous field trips during his years at the Lower and Middle School. He also found the year-round athletics to be an advantage. Jonathan shares, “ I am eternally grateful for my time at Jemicy.”  And Jemicy is eternally grateful for alumni like Jonathan!
  • Secretary - Sofia Eisenberg ‘16 US

    During Sofia Eisenberg’s ’16 senior speech at Jemicy, she said proudly, “As I graduate, I know this is not the last time my feet will walk Jemicy’s grounds. The footsteps on this stage today represent the milestones I have reached.” And she was right! As secretary of the Alumni Association Executive Board, she is thrilled to give back to the community that gave her the confidence, skills, and strategies that have proven to be invaluable as she transitioned from Jemicy valedictorian to a magna cum laude graduate with a bachelor's in media and communications and a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation from Muhlenberg College.

    Sofia singles out her year in the Upper School Preparatory Program as critical to her success. She continues to use the organizational skills learned in USP in her successful marketing career.  Additionally, she credits her close relationships with teachers for fostering her growth. “I learned numerous skills that became critical in my drive to succeed. Publishing class made a lasting impression, as we delved into a world of creativity, experienced unforgettable lessons, and created long-lasting memories. The bonds I formed and the skills I acquired during this course have had a profound impact on my life, and I will forever be grateful for the transformative journey I experienced at Jemicy.” She states that the individualized attention and small class sizes helped her develop confidence in herself and her abilities.

    Her advice to current students would be to practice and use self-advocacy skills as often as possible because there is definitely less support once you leave Jemicy.

    Thanks, Sofia, for giving back to our school community and sharing your incredible and contagious enthusiasm for Jemicy everywhere you go!
  • Treasurer - Bud Schuster ‘05 LMS

    Bud, treasurer of the Alumni Board, works as a product and technology manager at Pearson Education. He credits Jemicy for encouraging him to speak up and allow his thoughts to be heard. “They helped to build my confidence and taught me the importance of being a leader.” 
    Bud still maintains life-long friendships with his former classmates. He shares “I loved being part of a community of individuals who all learned differently. It truly helped me understand that I could learn and even enjoy the learning process. Before my time at Jemicy, I struggled with learning. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to pick up new knowledge from all my incredible teachers. They spoke directly to me and never made me feel that something was wrong with me.” 
    Bud enjoys staying involved with the school that gave him “ a wonderful education, lifelong friends, and a great career where I can give back to learners in my own way. Jemicy set me on the path to success and was the source of wonderful memories that I will always have.”  Thanks, Bud, for helping us create more special memories together.
  • LMS Rep - Jessica Van Dyke ‘07 LMS

    Jessica Van Dyke ’07 LMS is the quintessential LMS grad, making her ideal for the role of LMS rep on the Alumni Association Executive Board. An entrepreneur at heart from the very beginning, she shares that Jemicy instilled in her the confidence and self-esteem to never give up on her dreams. One of her dreams recently came true when she launched a brand of modern, membership-based veterinary practices called PawsUp Vets!

    Highlights of her time at Jemicy include her participation in athletics. She spent four years playing Division 1 soccer and had a brief career in semiprofessional soccer. She’s especially proud that her #6 jersey was retired at her middle school commencement ceremony. She also participated in theater and student government. “At Jemicy, you could confidently be whoever you wanted to be!”

    During her time here, she discovered that having dyslexia does not have to be a burden and that many brilliant people learn differently. We couldn’t agree more, Jessica!
  • US Rep - Phil Hoesch ‘06 US

    Not only is Phil Hoesch ‘06 the Alumni Board Upper School rep, but he has also made his career at his alma mater as the director of technology. His first-hand knowledge and passion for Jemicy’s unique brand of education make him the perfect person to keep our technology running smoothly.

    Phil takes immense pride in his upper school Kinetic Sculpture Race experience and is still involved with this popular Jemicy program. “This unique and exhilarating event not only showcased my creativity but also challenged me to think outside the box. KSR provided me with a platform to blend artistic expression with engineering ingenuity. Collaborating with fellow students on the design, construction, and execution of our kinetic sculpture was not just a project but a hands-on learning adventure. The race itself became a testament to teamwork, problem-solving, and perseverance.”  Phil also enjoyed his role in school plays via providing tech support, another role he still is involved with today.

    Looking back, Phil realizes that the “strict” teachers whom he came across at Jemicy actually had a genuine desire to help him succeed. While their high expectations and firm demeanor might have seemed intimidating, they helped him grow both academically and personally.
  • US Rep & Alumni Engagement - Harry Heaps ‘18

    Harry Heaps ’18 is a frequent visitor to the Jemicy campus! In addition to his roles as Upper School rep and alumni engagement, he has presented at Career Day and speaks at admission events. He currently works at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey as the assistant director of development following several years at Johns Hopkins University in development and alumni relations. He credits Jemicy for starting him on the track of his career through the photography and multimedia projects that he took during high school.

    During his time as a student, Harry received the "Dr. Susan R. Grant Community Service Award" and the "Viking Award" for Men's Varsity Lacrosse. Harry believes that being the varsity lacrosse captain defined his career at Jemicy. “My teammates were some of my closest friends in high school, and the team aspect gave birth to my competitive lifestyle.”

    Harry shares, “Jemicy prepared me for my life outside of its walls. I did not know at the time how great life would be outside of Jemicy until I graduated. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that Jemicy is giving you every skill you need to leave it one day. Do not be worried about that graduation date and the change that will come with it. It will all be worth it!
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  • Save the Date: Inaugural Jemicy Bull & Oyster Roast

    Save the Date: April 6, 2024  Get excited for the Inaugural Jemicy Bull & Oyster Roast to be held on the Lower & Middle School Campus at the Phyllis & Leonard J. Attman Family and Alumni Center.  CLICK HERE to register today!
  • Record Attendance at Alumni Flag Day

    It was exciting to see the smiling faces of alumni from the classes of 2020-2023 at this year's Flag Day.  The community room was buzzing as everyone reconnected with each other over pizza.  Our current juniors and seniors enjoyed hearing about college life from recent grads during a Q & A session.  As always, a highlight for our visitors was visiting teachers and staff.  Thanks for staying connected!
  • "Cheers with Bierer" Alumni Gathering

    Thank you to the close to 60 alumni who joined us on November 10 for our “Cheers with Bierer” event at Ryleighs. It is always great to see alumni from across the decades connect. A special shout out to the faculty and administrators who doubled as guest bartenders! View more pictures here >
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