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The purpose of the Jemicy School Alumni Association is to promote the interests and goals of Jemicy School by providing leadership, support, and resources for the benefit of the School community including alumni, students, parents, faculty, administration and staff.

In order to achieve this, the Association will facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the alumni and School administration, sponsor and promote events, programs and other activities designed to encourage alumni participation. These programs are intended to cultivate a heightened affinity and loyalty for the School and to provide opportunities for the professional, social and intellectual growth of the Alumni Association’s members and students.
Alumni Association
Stephen O’Neil ’93

Kristen Bell Stone ’96
Vice President

Bud Schuster ’05
LMS Representative

Julie Kuhn Sanchez ’00

Jake Shapiro ’11
US Representative

Mark Westervelt
Assistant Head of School
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 410-753-8135
Research is showing that dyslexia is genetically based and passed from parents to children. Between twenty-three and sixty-five percent of children with dyslexia have a parent who is dyslexic. It is not uncommon for dyslexia to affect several people in the same family, and most dyslexics will generally have someone else in their extended family who also struggles with dyslexia. The familial nature of dyslexia has been recognized since the beginning of the last century.  

Do you suspect your child is “following in your footsteps?”
The earlier children can be professionally diagnosed, the sooner they can seek specialized instruction that will empower them to become successful learners.

Common symptoms of dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences can be categorized broadly in groups:
  • Difficulties with little words
  • Bizarre reading and spelling
  • Late talking
  • Difficulties with handwriting (dysgraphia)
  • Difficulties with math
  • Directional confusion
  • Sequencing difficulties
*Please remember:  For a diagnosis of dyslexia, several symptoms are likely present, persist over time, and interfere with learning.

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    The Jemicy Alumni Association sponsored a refreshment tent at this year’s annual Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race on May 4. Competitors, alumni, students, parents, and friends all congregated at the Canton Waterfront Park for the water entry. In addition to multiple ACES, Jemicy also came home with the Golden Flipper and Speed Awards. Congratulations to all competitors!

    Recently, the Alumni Association has been sponsoring fun get-togethers at popular local venues. It’s been great to reconnect and catch up with old friends and classmates and learn where life has taken them! We are planning more of these small gatherings and would love for YOU to be there.

    Current college students from the classes of ’15 through ’19 returned to the Upper School on January 10 to share their college experiences with the class of 2019. They gathered to lower the Class of 2018 flag, watched the Class of 2019 raise theirs, and then celebrated the installation of the 2018 flag in the gym.

    During the Alumni Association Executive Board’s 1st meeting of the 2018 school year, Stephen O’Neil ‘93 was welcomed as the incoming president and Russ White was thanked for his 3 terms of service. The Board looks forward to engaging young alums to be active members of the Alumni Association in the coming year.
  • 2018 CAREER DAY

    This year’s Career Day exposed our Upper School students to a wide array of professions to consider as they ponder college and career ahead. Medicine, weather forecasting, culinary, finance, martial arts, graphic design, aviation, and web design were just a few of the fields represented, and the presenters’ offered details about working conditions, materials, and advancement in their chosen careers. Students were allowed to rotate to four presentations of interest during the event.
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An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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