Utilizing multisensory methods, teachers at Jemicy spend one period each day working with students to develop their understanding of basic mathematics and build foundational numeracy skills that can be applied to daily living. Students apply the material covered in class to practical uses, in-depth investigation, and math projects.
Jemicy lower school math teachers assess a student’s level and teach from that point, providing needs-focused instruction relating to each math topic. Students are grouped by ability, each moving forward at the right pace with the goal of making the most academic progress possible without causing stress or anxiety. If a student doesn't master a concept, it is retaught before moving on.
Lower School Math
The Jemicy math curriculum focuses on the progression of skills and concepts based upon a scope and sequence carefully developed from the NCTM (National Council for Teachers of Mathematics) standards.

Components and materials from the following math programs are utilized throughout the course of instruction:
  • Mathematics their Way
  • Saxon Math
  • Calvert Math
  • Everyday Math
  • Teach 4 Mastery
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