I invite you to explore Jemicy School, a co-ed college preparatory school for bright, talented students with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences.
The faculty and staff of Jemicy School have great respect for the responsibility that comes with being a recognized leader in educating bright students who learn differently. We are committed to creating a learning environment that is stimulating, nurturing, and challenging – a place where, each day, teachers mentor students to achieve personal and academic goals in a multitude of ways. Thriving both in and out of the classroom, our students excel as scientists, mathematicians, engineers, thespians, athletes, orators, creative writers, and artists while becoming leaders who develop a sense of their responsibility to the broader community through service learning experiences.

Jemicy School offers a skills, strategy, and project-based curriculum that allows students to exercise problem-solving and self-advocacy under the careful guidance of dedicated faculty. Even after moving on to new pursuits, students continue to use the strategies learned at Jemicy as tools for lifelong success. It’s not unusual for many to maintain their ties with our school community and staff throughout their lives because all of us view Jemicy as a family. A robust, supportive Jemicy network of alumni, past parents, and former faculty ensures that a sense of history, tradition, and stability sustains our school for each new generation of students.

We welcome visitors to both of our campuses for a first-hand experience of Jemicy’s dynamic educational community. During your visit, you will have the opportunity meet our dedicated faculty and speak with our students to hear about what makes Jemicy such a unique learning environment.
Please contact us to arrange your visit to Jemicy. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our campuses soon.


Patricia Utz
Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

To schedule a tour or reserve space at one of our Parent Information Sessions, please contact the Admission Office.
Patricia Utz, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
Phone: 410-753-8131 
Fax: 410-753-8080 
Email: psutz@jemicyschool.org

Carey Mitchell, Assistant Director of Admission – Lower and Middle School
Phone: 410-753-8032
Fax: 410-753-8080
Email: cmitchell@jemicyschool.org

Alexa Fisher '05, Assistant Director of Admission – Upper School
Phone: 410-753-8034
Fax: 410-753-8080
Email: afisher@jemicyschool.org

Amy Thierer, Enrollment Management Associate
Phone: 410-753-8033
Email: athierer@jemicyschool.org

Christal Henry, Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant
Phone: 410-753-8035
Email: chenry@jemicyschool.org
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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