Jemicy’s Upper School Prep program is a comprehensive, pre-high school curriculum designed to serve students who need further development of foundational academic skills to transition successfully to a college-preparatory upper school program.
The USP program integrates direct instruction in executive function, time-management, and study skills into each academic discipline. The structured, sequential program equips students with tools and strategies necessary to comprehend, organize, and retain information, and it prepares them for the rigors of a college-preparatory high school curriculum. Students may matriculate to Jemicy’s Upper School or to other area high schools.
Frequently Asked

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  • Who does the Upper School Prep program serve?

    • Students, ages 13-15, who are in their last year or two of middle school
    • Talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences
  • What skills are taught and developed through the Upper School Prep program?

    Academic strategies and skills are explicitly taught and consistently reinforced daily in every class.
    • Notebook and digital file organization
    • Time-management
    • Organization and planning
    • Active listening
    • Effective communication
    • Technology Education/Application
    • Identifying and comprehending main ideas
    • Note-taking
    • Study skills
    • Test-preparation and test-taking strategies
  • What comprises the academic program?

    • English: 2 classes daily
      • Literature
      • Written Expression
    • Science: Physical Science
    • Social Studies: World Geography or Civics
    • Math: Placement determined by teacher recommendation and Educational Team
    • Skills: Students receive personalized, targeted instruction to support a particular area of growth
    • USP Seminar: 1 trimester could include: Acting, Physical Education, Technology, and Intro to Latin
    • USP Extension: Under the direct guidance of the teacher, students learn academic strategies and practice key skills, such as study and test-taking strategies, note-taking, time-management, and organization. The USP academic program provides a framework for further development and practice of each skill.
  • Why was the USP program developed?

    Too often, teachers assume their students possess the innate skills needed to organize, process, study, and take notes on material presented in class. At Jemicy, we make no such assumption. We understand that even bright students who have weaknesses in these areas may struggle in school. The Upper School Prep (USP) program improves academic success by fostering self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence.
  • How does the Upper School Prep program serve student needs?

    • Students’ needs are routinely evaluated by the USP teaching team to ensure the consistent integration and reinforcement of skills across the curriculum.
    • Students discover the most effective strategies for their individual learning styles.
    • Students engage in a rich course of study that includes science, literature, written expression, the arts, mathematics, and social studies
    • Students have the opportunity to participate in a full complement of co-curricular and community service activities.
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