Welcome to Jemicy’s Lower School, a place where every child is appreciated for who they are and nurtured as they develop academically, socially, and emotionally.
Within Jemicy’s lower school program, students are able to enjoy and embrace their childhood in developmentally appropriate ways. The education program, which is comprehensive and includes a broad range of offerings rich in the arts and sciences, addresses the array of skills and abilities our students possess. Importantly, the school values its growth mindset, and therefore, is dedicated to building self-confidence, teaching skills and strategies for success, and fostering a commitment to lifelong learning in its students.
The Jemicy Lower School offers an ungraded program comprised of three levels: The JE Community, M Group, and I Group. Grade levels are not emphasized, as each student’s educational journey is different. There are three or four homeroom groups within the JE Community, allowing for great flexibility when programming and scheduling for each child. As the students grow and mature, they continue their journey into M and I Groups. It is at these levels that students begin to develop greater independence, as well as a solid understanding of their learning style, as they prepare for the transition to middle school.

We encourage you to take a further look at our program to learn in greater detail about the specific course material taught throughout the different content areas.  
Michael Robinson
Head of Lower and Middle School

Kara Horst
Director of Lower School

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