Music is an art as well as a discipline and it is an integral part of the school curriculum. Musical understanding and performance enrich students aesthetically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, and the integration of music into curricular areas stimulates the imagination and enhances the study of various disciplines. Additionally, music can be used to improve understanding of written and spoken language in dyslexic learners.
The goal of Jemicy’s Lower School music curriculum is to provide an extensive musical education in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. The program is designed to be cumulative, building on the inner joy and magic of being a child and learning through guided fun. Learning through play is highly encouraged in the music classroom and various musical games are used to improve fine and gross motor coordination, visual perception, auditory perception, and auditory memory. All learning is centered around the belief that creating music is an innate human experience regardless of perceived talent.

The curriculum pulls from a variety of different methods, and classes typically begin with the introduction of a song or rhythmic chant before adding instrumentation, improvisation, physical interpretation, or dramatic vignettes. Basic musical skills developed include singing, rhythm, instrumentation, listening, and movement. The same way that a child speaks before they read, Jemicy’s music program believes in making music before reading music.
The Jemicy Middle School music curriculum focuses on building the musical knowledge and skill of students while addressing the social, emotional, and developmental needs of the child. In the Middle School, music class ties itself to theatre, skills, literature, and composition classes to enhance the language skills of our students. In addition to enhancing language learning, students learn about vocal technique, musical interpretation, breath support, and performance etiquette. The basic music skills developed in the lower school are further advanced and composition, notation, reading music, and arranging skills are added.
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