Performing provides a bridge to self-assurance that carries through to the classroom and life. Every skill developed through our performing arts curriculum serves to enhance and extend academic learning. Our goal is to promote creativity, critical thinking, and skill development through performances that entertain and enlighten audiences. The theatre arts program combines all elements of the performing arts to produce full-scale musical productions each year. Through this experience, students build confidence and refine their ability to collaborate and communicate as part of an ensemble.
The unbelievable transformation of confidence acquired on the stage affects every area of learning and socialization. Children who have no idea they can sing get on stage and sing for hundreds of people. Shy, quiet children learn that when they project, people will listen! The confidence finds its way to the classroom, and the once reluctant student is suddenly eager to raise a hand to offer an answer, express opinions, and share thoughts and feelings.
Foster Cooperation &
To achieve success now and in the future, students need to learn how to cooperate and collaborate, which are also essential requirements for full-scale productions of the quality for which Jemicy is known. All members of our community routinely work together toward the common goal of creating an entertainment experience that everyone is proud of, especially the performers!
Develop Strategies for
Former students often report that throughout high school, college, and beyond they continue to rely on the variety of memorization strategies they developed when trying to learn lines in Jemicy school productions. One alumnus remarked, “Thanks to my roles in Jemicy performances, standing before my college English class and delivering a required recitation is a piece of cake!”
Employ and Reinforce
Our productions are filled with music and dance, and math is an essential component of both. Students learn to count every step and hit each movement on the exact number to achieve rhythm, beat, pitch, and pacing; concurrently, left-right orientation becomes ingrained. The young actors also absorb geometric concepts as they hit their marks on the stage to form circles, triangles, squares, diagonals, and pyramids.
Cultivate a
While there are many reasons we offer a rich performing arts curriculum, instilling a love of learning is another important goal. If students are having fun, the learning is a simple side act. Excited students enter the performing arts rooms each day enthusiastically asking, “What are we doing today?”  The performing arts program is one of many ways our amazingly bright, talented children find the fun and joy of learning at Jemicy every day.

All Students participate in the performing arts program. Lower school students participate in a full-scale musical, enabling them to experience a successful introduction to live theater. Middle school students may choose to participate in our full-scale musical production, which builds upon a strong foundation established in lower school. Middle school productions allow young actors, dancers, and singers to pursue the arts more seriously. Technical positions are available for those interested in backstage engineering, including set and prop design, lighting, and sound. Middle school musicals are produced during class time, allowing students who have athletic, club, or student government commitments to participate in the performances.



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