The Jemicy School Science Department uses engaging, cooperative, inquiry-based techniques and a wide variety of laboratory experiments to support student learning through discovery and to build scientific competence and an appreciation for the sciences
The 57-acre campus provides abundant space for outdoor learning experiences, such as field and stream studies and trout raise and release education. In addition, the Science Department supports the development of self-advocacy skills, reading and note-taking from scientific texts, and scientific writing and literacy.

The Science and Math Departments work collaboratively to integrate and align the teaching and application of mathematical concepts. Jemicy’s Upper School science curriculum offers two levels, accelerated and standard, along with a breadth of electives to accommodate the wide array of interests and needs of our students.
Accelerated courses move at a more rapid pace, and topics are covered in greater depth than in standard level courses.

Standard level courses present concepts in smaller chunks, which are reinforced with ample repetition and an emphasis on procedural processes. The pace of the standard level courses is more moderate than that of the accelerated classes.
Three (3) science credits are required for graduation and must include:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Students may also choose to enroll in a wide variety of science electives including:
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biology II
  • Chemistry II
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics II
  • Introduction to Computer Science
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