Science at Jemicy emphasizes learning through inquiry and exploration.
JE Community
JE students learn basic science skills, as well as physical and life science concepts through hands-on projects rather than through textbooks. They revisit the same basic concepts each year, but at successively more challenging levels.
  • Life cycles of Different Maryland Animal Species
  • Plant processes
  • Seasonal adaptations
  • Habitat Components
  • Water cycle
  • Human body systems
  • Simple machines
  • Electrical circuits
  • Flight
I Group
I Group's program is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based, with a variety of team and individual projects designed to solve engineering challenges.
  • Scientific Methods
  • Metric measurement
  • Engineering strategies
  • Motion and forces
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
M Group
In M Group, students complete in-depth study of life science topics through experiments, models, and research.
  • The Ecology of Trees
  • Biodiversity
  • Classification
  • Migration
  • Marine Life Adaptations
  • Botany
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