The Lower School Social Studies program allows students to explore subject areas through field trips, class discussions, lecture, and hands-on projects that fully teach and reinforce basic fundamental concepts and skills.
Classes emphasize an active, multisensory approach to learning and teach students to think globally and understand the interconnectedness of humankind. Students study various world cultures and traditions and broaden their knowledge of various types of maps, map symbols, and map keys. Each fall, all classes study a common unit, the theme of which changes each year.

The scope and sequence of lower school social studies is based on the Voluntary Maryland State Curriculum standards. The major strands within the curriculum are as follows:

  • Political Science
    • Classroom Government
    • School Government
    • Maryland Citizenship
    • US government
  • World Cultures
    • Middle East
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Italy
  • Geography
    • Basic World Geography
    • Regions of the World
    • Maps and globes
  • History
    • Family History
    • Personal History
    • Native American History
    • Colonial America
  • Maryland Government
  • Native American Influences in Maryland
  • Maryland Geography
  • Maryland History: From Settlement to Civil War
  • Explorers to the U.S.
  • Basic U.S. government:
    • Foundation and Principles
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Civil Participation
  • Economy
    • Agriculture vs. Manufacturing
    • Import vs. Export
    • Money vs. Barter
    • Natural Resources
  • Geography/Map study
  • U.S. Regions
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