The clearly defined mission of Jemicy School drives its unique identity, school culture, and approach to teaching and learning.
Students are encouraged and challenged to explore their world in a variety of ways. Our approach is rooted in an understanding of the individual needs of every student, recognizing their strengths, and celebrating their gifts in ways that support growth, knowledge, skill, and creativity.

The school maintains the connection between its culture and its philosophy by the ways in which it hires and trains its faculty, develops its programs and curriculum, teaches through multisensory techniques and experiential learning, and offers a variety of creative and athletic outlets for its students. Small class size, individualized attention, a variety of materials, and assistive technology enhance learning. Extensive opportunities for field trips and other cultural activities provide enrichment in all subject areas. Direct instruction, through many different methods and on many different levels, accommodates a wide variety of learning styles.

Our Focus

Lower School instruction focuses on skill development. Middle School instruction continues to build skills while introducing learning strategies. Students in the Upper School may continue to receive skill remediation; however, all upper school students learn and practice strategies that include the use of technology to handle an increasingly complex educational program and prepare our students for college, careers, and the 21 st century. Jemicy’s primary goal is to help these capable students address their learning challenges and become more competent and confident learners.
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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