With over 95% of our graduates attending colleges and universities, college counseling is an integral part of the education program at Jemicy School. Our goal is to educate students and families on the search and selection process and support them during this exciting time. Our focus is to find an institution that celebrates the student’s strengths, where they will not only be accepted but will also successfully complete the program. The personalized relationship we build with each student eases the transition as they take on more responsibility for their educational journey.
Early Introduction
  • Meet as a group with college counselors
  • Educate on how to build a strong application (transcripts, extracurriculars, etc.)
  • Introduce SCOIR (a web-based college and career readiness platform) and discuss emerging career interests 
    Learn more about SCOIR >
Building Skills
  • Begin SCOIR “game plan” 
  • Create a bio and resume
  • Prepare for “early-bird” college visits
Personalizing Strategies
  • Determine a timeline and discuss college visits
  • Hold a Junior Class College Information Breakfast for parents
  • Provide information on standardized testing (SAT/ACT) and their changing roles in college applications
  • Complete parent, teacher, and student surveys to serve as a basis for subsequent one-on-one meetings with Jemicy’s college counselor
  • Explore possibilities by attending college fairs and the 60+ presentations given by college representatives who visit Jemicy.
  • With guidance throughout the year, develop a college list, prepare for visits, and request teacher recommendations
  • Begin applications with the assistance of the college counselor and English teachers, who provide extensive support for the essay portion of the applications. Students applying to art schools requiring portfolios work closely with Upper School Art Department Chair Pauline Savage.
Applying, Accepting, and Celebrating!
  • Finalize application decisions 
  • Secure teacher recommendations
  • Complete and submit applications
  • Continue college visits and college representative presentations
  • Review transcripts and send SAT/ACT scores to colleges
  • Apply for financial aid and investigate scholarship opportunities
  • Review learning profiles and practice self-advocacy tactics 
  • Await acceptances and make the all-important FINAL DECISION!
100% of all who want to attend are accepted into at least one school, many with significant merit scholarships. Our counselors also explore gap years and other career paths for students who choose to explore those opportunities. Perhaps more important than any statistic or number is the fact that, regardless of the path they choose, Jemicy students leave high school prepared, confident, and curious about what comes next!
Our experienced College Counseling Team is here to help you every step of the way!
Jennifer Williams
Director of College Counseling
Phone: 410-753-8079 
Fax: 410-753-8078
Email: jwilliams@jemicyschool.org
Cortnie R. Amelotte
US College Counselor
Phone: 410-753-8076
Email: camelotte@jemicyschool.org


Students use Scoir to research colleges, save college lists, research careers, request teacher recommendations, and keep track of college deadlines. They can save and change lists of schools as they move through their research and can also see how their GPA and test scores compare to the average accepted student.

The College Counselor uses Scoir to view each student's list and add other schools that may be appropriate. In addition, the counselor can post links or copies of important documents. Finally, the counselor uploads the school profile, forms, and student transcripts electronically - directly to the colleges/universities.

Teachers can upload letters of recommendations, complete forms for colleges, and submit documents electronically.
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