Lower School: $40,165
Middle School: $40,165

Upper School Prep Program: $41,895
Upper School: $41,895
  • There are no additional fees for the services and activities listed below. Jemicy’s tuition includes:
    • Targeted small group instruction built into the academic day
    • Instructional technology and digital materials
    • Explicit instruction in organization, planning, time management, and study skills integrated in all classes
    • Books
    • Speech and language intervention for students who require those services
    • Most supplies and field trips
    • Most athletic and club offerings
  • Medical Tax Deduction: Families may benefit from tax deductions, as Jemicy’s tuition and any related educational costs, including transportation, are considered medical expenses which can be combined with all other household medical expenses for tax purposes. For information on claiming tuition as a medical deduction, please refer to the IRS Code CCH Section 2019.0127, as well as IRS Ruling 69-607at 2CB40.
Financial Aid
Jemicy School, under the guidance of the Board of Trustees, is strongly committed to offering need-based financial aid to students who may benefit from our academic program and whose families qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of tuition. Funds for financial aid are generated from endowment income, grants, and the generosity of many donors who have a particular interest in supporting students with financial need. The School’s Financial Aid Committee awards grants based upon careful review of each family’s financial aid application and the recommendations of School and Student Services (SSS) by Community Brands. As a result, financial aid awards reflect each family’s unique circumstances, vary in size, and may change from year to year depending upon the factors outlined below. All financial aid information provided by families is kept strictly confidential, and it is the School’s expectation that families applying for financial aid will maintain the same confidentiality regarding the communication from the School about financial aid decisions.
Factors Considered in Determining
  • Awards are based both on the funds available and on each family’s need relative to the needs of others applying.
  • The committee considers the finances of all family members including parents, step-parents, guardians, domestic partners, and other relatives when applicable.
  • Total family income, assets, expenditures, and economic lifestyle choices are included in financial aid calculations.
  • Jemicy expects both parents of financial aid applicants to be employed full-time unless there are very young children at home or other circumstances preventing employment.
  • The committee considers the impact of siblings enrolled in other tuition-charging institutions.
  • Jemicy addresses the needs of its returning families prior to reviewing the needs of families with prospective students.
Financial Aid

List of 5 items.

  • Confidentiality

    • The School commits to maintaining confidentiality of all information related to individual applications for and awards of tuition assistance. 
    • The Financial Aid Committee expects that families will maintain this confidentiality as well. It is also expected that a family respect the privacy of other families who choose not to disclose their financial aid details or outcomes.
  • Expectation that All Families Contribute to a Portion of Tuition

    • Every family, regardless of need, is asked to contribute a portion of tuition costs.
  • Divorced Parents and Blended Family Policy

    • In the case of divorce, both parents are required to complete a financial aid application regardless of custody or legal financial arrangements. 
    • The Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of both parents before making any award decision. 
    • In situations where the custodial parent has remarried, the committee will also consider the assets of the step-parent within the context of the step-parent’s financial obligations to his or her own children.
    • The Financial Aid Committee requires financial documentation from parents, guardians, domestic partners, and step-parents before making any award decision. These individuals may submit their financial information together on one application, or they may choose to submit the required information by completing separate financial aid applications.
  • Financial Aid and Public School Funding Policy

    A student who receives public school funding will not be eligible to receive financial aid from Jemicy School. The family must decide whether to accept Jemicy’s offer of financial aid or the funding from the public school system for that student. 

    Failure to disclose a public school funding award as soon as you or your representative is notified by the school system may result in Jemicy’s withdrawal of financial aid and/or the removal of your child from the Jemicy School. 

    Applying for Financial Aid While Pursuing Public School Funding 
    • Families pursuing public school funding may apply for financial aid in the event their request for funding is denied. All families seeking funding must notify the Jemicy Financial Aid and Business Offices in writing before applying for financial aid. 
    • Families who are seeking funding, or receive third party funds of any kind, must also indicate the status of their negotiations in the Additional Notes section at the end of the online financial aid application (PFS). If any child in the family (Jemicy or non-Jemicy) receives third party or public school funding, that information must be disclosed on the financial aid application. 
    • The Financial Aid Office will process applications for those families seeking funding to determine whether or not they would qualify for aid, but until negotiations are finalized, the Business Office will post a full-pay, tuition contract in MyJemicy. 
    • Families who wish to reserve a space in their child’s class must submit a signed contract and deposit by the enrollment deadline. Otherwise, that space may be forfeited. 
    • If a student’s request for public school funding is denied/rescinded or if the family choses to accept Jemicy financial aid in lieu of a public school award, the family must provide the Financial Aid Office documentation that their request for funding was denied/rescinded or the award was declined by the family. The student(s) award will then be recalculated and financial assistance will be offered if family qualifies for assistance and funds remain available. At that time, the Business Office will post a revised contract that includes financial aid. 
    • For families with multiple Jemicy students, non-funded students will be eligible to receive a financial award, should the family qualify. 
  • Full Pay Families Applying for Financial Aid in Subsequent Years

    • When families choose to enroll a student at Jemicy and pay tuition in full, it is the School’s understanding and expectation that the family will continue to do so in subsequent years. 
    • If there is a significant, unanticipated change in a family’s financial circumstances after enrolling a student at Jemicy, the Financial Aid Committee will consider a subsequent application for aid. 
    • The Committee will require submission of tax returns and supporting documentation from the current year and the two years prior to the application year. 
    • Unless a significant change can be demonstrated clearly in the required documentation, the family will not be eligible to receive financial aid.
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