Jemicy is fortunate to have an endowment of approximately $21 million. Revenue generated from the endowment investments supports various areas of the School and ensures that Jemicy and its mission will continue in perpetuity. Endowment funds provide a lasting gift; we are grateful for the long-term vision of those who established the endowments securing Jemicy’s future and to the donors whose contributions bolster their value.
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CLICK the categories below to view the names and descriptions of Jemicy's Endowment Funds. Named endowments must meet certain financial criteria and support Jemicy's mission.

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  • Teacher Endowment Funds

    • Berman Family Professional Development Fund
      Established by the Berman family in 1998, this fund, provides professional development grants for education, travel, or research to employees with the most seniority, after serving a minimum of five consecutive years as full-time employees.
    • David Fehsenfeld Memorial Fund
      David Fehsenfeld, father of Alex Fehsenfeld ’81, served as a trustee from 1979 to 1981; he passed away in 1984. To honor his memory, family and friends established this fund to benefit faculty salaries.
    • The Gorn Angel Fund
      This fund was created in 2012 through a bequest made by Margaret A. Gorn, a friend of Jemicy School. It supports professional development and special projects not funded by the School’s operating budget.
    • Great Teachers Fund
      Gifts to this general fund support faculty and staff salaries.
    • Robert G. Merrick Faculty Fund
      Created in 1984, this fund was made possible by the Jacob and Anita France Foundation and supports faculty salaries.
    • Three S Fund
      Established in 1986 by an anonymous donor, this fund honors three teachers who made a difference in the donor’s children’s lives at Jemicy. The fund provides dollars for independent summer work for Lower and Middle School teachers, a stipend for new teachers on both campuses, and monies to enhance the Lower and Middle School Campus.
  • Endowments for Financial Aid

    • Ades Family Fund was established in 1992 by the Ades Family (parents Renée and Stanton and children Stefan ’94 and Jonathan ‘93) to assist Jewish students from families with demonstrated need.
    • The Cody Miller Financial Aid Endowment Fund
      Established by the Schluderberg Foundation in honor of Cody Miller, a Jemicy student, this fund provides financial aid to qualified families.
    • Dunn Family Fund was established in 2004 by Pierce Dunn and Lee Hoyt in honor of their son Connor ’06 and the faculty and staff that made a difference in Connor’s life.
    • Elizabeth E. Mueller Memorial Fund was created in 1999 by trustees of the estate of Elizabeth E. Mueller.
    • Evan Carton ’93 Memorial Financial Aid Endowment Fund was established in 2019 by his parents, family, and friends. It honors Evan’s life and the bond he shared with Jemicy as a student and an alum.
    • Evan Fleischer Memorial Fund was established in 2007 in memory of Evan '94 by his parents, family, classmates, and friends. Evan, a graduate of American University and the Culinary Institute of America, was funny and vivacious and always remained connected with Jemicy.
    • Francis Goelet Financial Aid Fund was established in 2000 by the Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts.
    • Glen Island Fund was established anonymously in 1997.
    • Harryette C. Offit Memorial Tutoring Program, established in 2005 by husband Saul Offit, friends, and family, provides financial aid in two areas: for tutoring services offered through Jemicy Professional Outreach, and for Camp Jemicy families with proven need.
    • H.S. Taylor White III Fund was created in 1995 to mark Taylor's 23 years as Chairman of Jemicy’s Board of Trustees. The fund was established by friends and family in his honor.
    • Jane Lochary Memorial Fund was created by Jemicy in 2003 in memory of Jane, a dedicated parent volunteer and mother of Erin ’06.
    • Joe Chidester Memorial Fund, established in in 2000, honors a beloved science teacher and friend to all; he impacted the lives of hundreds. Joe, a former engineer with Northrop Grumman, was a founding faculty member known as “the wizard.”
    • Joyce Rocklin Packer Memorial Fund was created in 1999 by Elliott Packer in memory of his wife, mother of their son Lon Packer ’91.
    • Kristen Chencus Memorial Fund, established in 2009 by Kristen's parents, sister, and brother-in-law, honors Kristen's dedication to her students and colleagues. Kristen was a much-beloved language teacher who passed away suddenly and tragically.
    • Leif Ericson Shock III Memorial Fund was established in 2004 by his mother and stepfather, Priscilla and Rodger Waldman, along with family and friends. It honors Leif's '92 memory; he passed away in 2000.
    • The Lenny and Karen Chasen Financial Aid Endowment Fund 
      Established by Karen Chasen, in memory of her husband, Leonard (Lenny), and in honor of her grandson, Jack Weinberg. This fund provides financial aid, so children who need assistance will be able to get to tools to succeed in school and in life.
    • Marion Shriver Abell Fund commemorates Marion, a former Jemicy language tutor, and her commitment to children with dyslexia. The fund was created in 1997 by her mother, sisters, and husband.
    • Mary Brooke Godine Memorial Fund was established by her parents, Doug and Ellen Godine, in 1998. This fund honors the memory of Brooke '78 who passed away in 1998, at the age of 34, after a brief illness.
    • Nancy Simonetti Memorial Fund was established in 1985 by Beverly and Bill McCarthy in memory of a beloved teacher and colleague.
    • Naumburg Family Financial Aid Fund was established in 1999 by Eric Naumburg and Rebecca Zeligman and their children, Gordon ’99 and Emily ’02.
    • The Plummer Assistance Fund
      Established by Roz Plummer-Reid and her son, Matthew Plummer ’02, this fund provides emergency resources for school related expenses for students from families with proven need in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The resources may be used for field trips, athletic expenses, incidental expenses, etc., but not to cover the cost of tuition.
    • Summer Camps Financial Aid Endowment Fund, established in 1999 by an anonymous donor, provides financial aid for Jemicy’s Summer Camp program to families with proven need.
    • T. R. O'Farrell III Memorial Fund honors T.R. '97 who passed away in 1993 while a student at Jemicy. The fund was established by his parents, Roma Zimmerman and Thomas O’Farrell.
    • Westervelt Financial Aid Endowment Fund was created in 2002 by families and friends of Jemicy to honor Mark, who began working at Jemicy the day it opened.
  • Endowments for Performing Arts and Visual Arts

    • Performing Arts Endowment Fund
      Established by the 2014 Y Group Dance team parents as a thank you to Lisa Needle for all she has done, through dance, for their children. This funds the needs that are not specifically identified in the operating budget for performing arts and/or the dance team, as determined by the School.
    • Tomlinson Endowment For Performing Arts
      This fund was created anonymously by Jemicy’s $2 Million Challenge gift donor to establish and help fund a comprehensive Performing Arts Department that will serve all three Jemicy School divisions. The express goal of the fund is to help Jemicy students grow by enabling them to use their existing creative talents more fully and to have these talents unlocked through the performing arts.
    • Tomlinson Theater Operational Endowment Fund
      This fund was established by the same anonymous $2 Million Challenge gift donor to cover yearly operational costs of the new flexible theatre.
    • Visiting Artist Program Endowment Fund
      Established in June 2015 to provide resources in the operating budget for visiting artists to work with students, from both campuses, to develop and enhance their love of the arts.
  • Student Awards

    • The Hannah Adele O'Toole '20 Memorial Endowment Fund, established in 2021 by her parents, family, and friends, honors Hannah's passion for photography, social justice, and the environment. A student who shares Hannah's passion will be selected each year to receive The Hannah Adele O'Toole Illumination Award.

Thank you for supporting Jemicy’s mission and helping to change the lives of our students who learn differently.

For further information about endowments, please contact Beckie Fisher ’79, Director of Development, at 410-753-8020 or
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About Endowments

Endowments are an important part of funding for Jemicy School. Endowments are normally restricted to a specific purpose, such as financial aid or teacher salaries. The minimum amount required to establish an endowment is $50,000. The corpus (original gift) and new gifts to the fund are restricted to and remain in the fund. The school has access to the interest earned by the endowment, which may be withdrawn subject to a spending rule set by the Board of Trustees and is based on a three-year trailing average.
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