Lower School technology class is focused on helping students feel comfortable with technology (specifically PC’s) and guiding them to make good choices. Students are empowered to express themselves –through words, art, music, design, and curation - and not simply be consumers of web content.
Students learn keyboarding and explore common PC functions, such as saving, curation, content creation, and electronic multitasking (for example, switching between a web search and some other open tab i.e. Google Drive or an installed program). Students explore the possibilities of personal expression through writing, creating presentations, and many other drawing and music web sites.
All lower school classrooms are equipped with surround sound and interactive white boards. This allows students to have digital media available in a multisensory way, thus making instruction more robust and meaningful.
One to One
In addition, all lower school students have access to iPads. The JE Community shares a classroom fleet of iPads for use during homeroom and content classes. M and I Group students participate in a 1:1 iPad program and utilize the technology in an integrated fashion within all content area classes. All lower school students are instructed in proper digital citizenship skills using Common Sense Media. At all times, technology use is supervised, and students are guided through the proper uses.
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