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We are excited to announce that Jemicy School was recently awarded an educational technology grant from the Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation. This generous grant will allow faculty and staff to further infuse technology into their teaching, provide ongoing technology training, and improve access to technical support and integration practices.
The technology upgrades provided by this grant will increase teachers' effectiveness, allowing even more time for direct interaction with students – a critical component when teaching students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Teachers depend on having powerful devices with the capability to handle the most effective, cutting-edge assistive technology (AT) available. Among other advantages, upgraded devices will allow them to give immediate feedback, which is important for students who learn differently.

Technology is also exceptionally vital for our students who have unique cognitive profiles and learning styles. As documented by MRI-based research, the brains of dyslexic learners are, quite literally, wired differently from the general population. Our students benefit from a more multisensory approach. Technology is infused across our curriculum in all subject areas. With our 1:1 program, every 1st - 12th grader is provided with a device, and teachers utilize technology to facilitate students' multisensory learning styles, provide them alternative ways to reveal what they know and develop critical executive function skills.

Jemicy continuously utilizes cutting-edge research, methodologies, and influential trends to meet our students’ needs. Our program delivery has to be innovative because our students think and learn in non-traditional ways. A wealth of experiential learning opportunities integrates disciplines with real-world applications. For instance, in our Innovation Station, technology utilized by teachers and students expands the students’ interaction with robotics, coding, and other STEAM concepts. Our Kinetic Sculpture Race Industrial Design (KSR) course connects design/engineering/realization through computer applications and enables students to create human-powered, amphibious vehicles.

The grant from the Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation will support all of the above and more. Their educational philosophy is aligned with Jemicy’s. As they share on their website, “When investing in education, Mr. Knott had high standards for schools and students alike. He supported schools that were producing leaders, and that were well-run institutions. He expected that schools would be financially sound, have excellent academics, and show successful outcomes for students. His expectation was that students, after benefitting from educational opportunity, would emerge as active citizens, ready to give back and become leaders in their communities.” Today, the Knott Foundation continues as a Catholic family-run philanthropic venture that continues to preserve its founders’ legacy. 

We are thankful for our strong and generous donors who support our school each and every year and make it possible for us to apply for and receive grants like this one. We thank the Knott Foundation for recognizing the importance of our mission and the positive impact it has on society as a whole. Together, we will continue to transform the lives of students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.
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