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Mark "Westy" Westervelt Passes the Torch >>

With so many exciting events during Jemicy’s 5oth year, it is the perfect time to announce that Mark “Westy” Westervelt will be welcoming Jared Bierer to the Alumni Department as the new director of alumni relations. We are beyond fortunate to have someone like Mark Westervelt, who has been here since the school was established in 1973, on our team. His contributions in a wide variety of roles, most recently as director of alumni relations, are beyond measure. Now Mark is looking forward to some well-deserved time off as he transitions to a part-time position. Read More >>
Mark and Jared will work together to make sure our alums are well taken care of and kept abreast of all the upcoming events and future plans for the school.  And of course, both of them will be attending the alumni gatherings throughout the year, so be sure to drop by and say hello.
A familiar face around both our campuses, Jared Bierer has spent his last 15 years teaching history and coaching, primarily in the Upper School, as well as leading Camp Jemicy.  At any given moment, you may see Jared encouraging our student-athletes from the sidelines, assisting in the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, or discussing the Civil Rights movement with a group of students after class.  Always in the mix, Jared’s love for our students and his passion for conversation make him a natural fit to advance our alumni base.  Although still remaining in the classroom to teach several courses, Jared looks forward to his role as director of alumni relations. Given his natural propensity for establishing relationships with his students and athletes, Jared’s personality is ideal for his new position. His enthusiasm for and loyalty to the Jemicy way will continue to foster a strong connection between the school and our alumni community.  In addition, he will continue Mark’s work in encouraging relationships between current students, recent graduates, and established alumni across the country. We know you join us in welcoming Jared!
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