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Jemicy Celebrates 50 Years! >>

What an exciting time to be at Jemicy! This year marks 50 years of opening the doors to a love of learning for thousands of students who learn differently. This year we will impact the lives of 470 talented and bright children with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences–our largest enrollment to date. As always, our students are thrilled about coming to school!

In true Jemicy style, we will commemorate this milestone in a multitude of ways, starting with fun-filled opening days, special guests and programming throughout the year, and the spectacular Jemicy Jubilee on April 15, 2023. We hope all of our families, alumni, and friends join us in our year-long celebration.  Read more >
Built as a Dream, Not as a School 
The rich history of Jemicy is filled with big dreams, inspirational leaders, innovative teachers, and of course, exceptional students whose stories we will be highlighting throughout the year. Our humble beginnings originated with parents who desired to see their children happy, thriving, and growing. Founders Joyce Bilgrave and David Malin created a summer camp to serve the needs of children who were experiencing difficulty in the traditional classroom. For many of the campers, it was the first time they were excited about learning math, reading, and science. Other parents encouraged the camp’s founders to create a school, and The School at Jemicy Farm opened its doors on September 12, 1973 with 16 teachers and 51 students in grades 1-8.

From Good to Great to Best
Fast forward 50 years to a school that excels in the most innovative techniques to nurture young students academically, socially, and emotionally. Our success includes a thriving Lower and MIddle Schoold as well as a more recent college preparatory Upper School that is 250 students strong. The merger with Valley School in 2003 meant that for the first time students with dyslexia in the Greater Baltimore area had the opportunity for continuity from elementary to high school in a place that consistently understood their needs and taught them the way they learn best. We are proud to share that typically over 95% of the seniors class attend college or university with the skills they need not only to get accepted, but to graduate! Additionally, last year they were awarded over zz million in merit scholarships!

Additionally, Jemicy’s positive impact extends far beyond our classroom walls. Under the leadership of Ben Shifrin, now entering his 21st year as the head of school, Jemicy is recognized as a thought leader locally, nationally, and internationally! By our example and outreach initiatives, Jemicy has changed the face of how schools approach learning support across the Baltimore area. Additionally, partnerships with organizations like Kennedy Kreiger, the Dyslexia Tutoring Program, and Notre Dame University of Maryland further our mission. 

Sharing our educators’ expertise with other schools locally and abroad is priority one for Director of Outreach and Professional Learning Megan McGowan and her highly-trained colleaques. Last year her team trained close to 4700 teachers in 14 different schools including the Howard County school system and the American International School of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Jemicy’s own Bridget Barley, director of middle school and creator of the trademarked Paragraphology (a roadmap for writing) continues to find new ways to share with other educators and students the methods that have been so successful with Jemicy students. And stay tuned, we have even bigger plans!

The school that began as a summer camp on a little farm in Phoenix, Maryland, has come a long way in 50 years, but the dream remains the same–to create a learning environment where every child is seen for their strengths and taught in a way that serves them best.
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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