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Sean Elias, Jemicy’s US theatre arts teacher, and 13 talented students from Jemicy’s International Thespian Society Troupe #8269 made history – not only by attending the Maryland State Thespian Festival for the first time (Jan. 6 – Jan. 7, 2017), but also for the impressive accolades and recognition they received.
During this 2-day theatre competition, over 700 high school students from across the state competed in individual events, took workshops, observed one-act performances, and enjoyed other festival-wide events.

Jemicy’s first Festival attendees racked up an amazing list of distinctions – sweeping the board with awards (Outstanding Production, Outstanding Physical Work, Best Actor, Best Actress), recognition, most represented school, earning 3 of 5 spots for this Closing Ceremony;  and 8 students qualifying for Nationals at the weeklong International Thespian Festival in June at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
These achievements add to the impressive list the Performing Arts Department has already realized in just 2 short years!
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