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Each fall, Jemicy’s Lower and Middle School enthusiastically embraces a common cross-curricular unit of study. In recent years, topics have included the South Pacific, Egypt, Music, National Parks, the Roaring 20’s, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Mystery, just to recall a few. 
The 2017 Fall Unit was Japan, and our students were immersed in that country’s history, religion, geography, culture, customs, literature, music, recreational activities, food, and more. From Haiku writing - to cherry blossom painting and hachimaki making - to singing karaoke, playing a Taiko drum, and enjoying a traditional family style tea with chopsticks - to Ju Jitsu, karote, Japanese yoga and more,  Jemicy Lower and Middle School students are measurably more knowledgeable about all things Japanese!
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