Creativity Through the Arts

Performing Arts

The Jemicy School Performing Arts Program aims to create a collaborative learning environment dedicated to providing a broad variety of quality performing arts and technical theatre educational experiences for students across all three school divisions.
Students from our youngest to the oldest who have no idea they can sing, get on stage and sing in front of hundreds of people, and those who never acted, perform like veterans. Performing provides a bridge to self-assurance that carries through to the classroom and life.
Our goal is to promote creativity, critical thinking, and skill development through course work and performances that entertain and enlighten audiences.  In short, through the arts, we endeavor to empower those we serve to realize their full potential by unlocking and strengthening their talents, and in doing so, develop exemplary role models who will beneficially influence our school community.

Michael Robinson
Director of the Arts and Student Life
The Tomlinson Theater, utilized by lower middle and upper school students, provides an ideal venue for onstage and behind the scene performance involvement.  Flexible to accommodate traditional or in the round seating, the theatre includes a state of the art control room as well dressing room facilities
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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