I am excited to welcome you to Jemicy School, a co-ed college preparatory school for bright, talented students with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences.
For more than forty years, Jemicy has been a recognized leader in educating and encouraging students to develop their talents in and outside of the classroom.  We believe that school should be a place where students can grow in a variety of ways – academically, artistically, athletically, and personally.

The skill and strategy-based curriculum encourages self-advocacy and fosters relationships with staff mentors that last a lifetime.  Students apply the skills and strategies they learn at Jemicy long after they move on to new endeavors.  Many in our community view Jemicy as a family; and our alumni maintain close ties with the school by supporting and encouraging a multi-faceted educational and co-curricular program for each generation of new students.

We invite you to visit and experience Jemicy’s dynamic educational community.   Meet our dedicated faculty who provide every student with an academic program specifically designed with just the right mix of challenge, support, and mentoring.  The work of our faculty and our comprehensive, multisensory academic programs earned Jemicy the distinction of being the very first school in the country to receive accreditation by the International Dyslexia Association.

Speak with our students and hear about a vibrant school community that instills a love of learning.  Each young person progresses in the confidence and skills necessary to impact their world in the future.


Patricia Utz
Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

To schedule a tour or reserve space at one of our Parent Information Sessions, please contact the Admission Office.
Patricia Utz, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
Phone: 410-753-8131 
Fax: 410-753-8080 
Email: psutz@jemicyschool.org

Carey Mitchell, Assistant Director of Admission – Lower and Middle School
Phone: 410-753-8032
Fax: 410-753-8080
Email: cmitchell@jemicyschool.org

Alexa Fisher '05, Assistant Director of Admission – Upper School
Phone: 410-753-8034
Fax: 410-753-8080
Email: afisher@jemicyschool.org

Amy Thierer, Enrollment Management Associate
Phone: 410-753-8033
Email: athierer@jemicyschool.org

Christal Henry, Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant
Phone: 410-753-8035
Email: chenry@jemicyschool.org
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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