Jemicy’s Upper School Performing Arts Department is founded on the belief that students with language-based learning differences and/or executive function deficits are provided free entry into a multisensory experience of self-expression, self-discovery, and transformation that yields increased skill development, retention, and integration.

In order to obtain such outcomes, the Performing Arts Department is simultaneously predicated on the belief that only through the highest standards of excellence and execution will the optimum returns for our students be achieved. For the neuro-diverse learner, the performing arts allow students to engage with their academic and personal worlds beyond just their minds and explore subjects physically and creatively. In this risk-free atmosphere, students become liberated from fear, something so frequently experienced in the dyslexic world.
Troupe #8269
The Performing Arts Department is home to Troupe #8269 of The International Thespian Society, the national honor society for students within the theatre arts. Students earn eligibility points throughout their coursework and participation in the theatre productions. Student members are given the opportunity to participate in regional competitions and national conferences, earning both scholarships and collegiate exposure/recruitment.
The Upper School Performing Arts Department generates three productions each academic year, a musical, a play and a student created/devised work, in the state of the art Tomlinson Theater. These productions aim to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to a simulated professional environment. Productions aim to enhance students’ appreciation of the arts, improve dramatic literacy, form multi-cultural awareness, and build community.
Performing Arts
Upper School students must earn one (1) credit in either visual or performing arts. Performing Arts offerings include:
  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Advanced Acting
  • Advanced Musical Theatre Performance
  • Co-operative Laboratory
  • Devised Theatre
  • Directing
  • Introduction to the Theatre Arts
  • Music: 20th Century I and II
  • Music: Advanced Audio Production
  • Music: Vocals, Production, and Recording
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Playwriting
  • Professional/Collegiate Preparation
  • Technical Theatre I and II
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