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Visual Arts

Visual Arts
At Jemicy, we are blessed with a vibrant and diversified visual arts program that allows students to dabble in numerous and varied mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass fusing, photography, animation, and graphic arts. We encourage our students to explore all areas and venture outside of the box - unafraid of taking risks - even if they are not familiar with the materials or projects.

Integration and cross-curricular projects are incorporated into the arts program to help reinforce and support other areas of learning. Students’ artwork is documented through a digital portfolio that is accessible at any time.

The totality and scope of their talents are showcased at the end of year Art Show. Students who apply and are accepted to visual arts high schools feel very confident and well prepared when they enter.
Visual Arts
The Visual Arts program at Jemicy Upper School was designed to nurture student strengths, ignite curiosity, and develop creativity while students explore formal studio skills and build executive function skills. We offer a variety of fine art and design classes - Digital Fabrication, Computer Aided Animation, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Videography - in which students use cutting edge, professional technology. Jemicy Upper School students have been offered over 1.5 million dollars in competitive art merit scholarships, roughly 26% of Jemicy seniors submit portfolios as part of their college applications, and 12% of Jemicy students transition to prestigious art colleges.
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