Jemicy School follows the same admission schedule as many other members of the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS).
  • Application deadline: January 17, 2020
  • Financial aid deadline for new families: January 17, 2020
  • Notification date: February 21, 2020
  • Rolling admission after February 21 if space is available
We require a full psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past 24 months. Jemicy School does not offer this type of testing. A qualified psychologist or educational evaluator must administer the evaluation. We will provide a list of evaluators to families upon request. The battery of tests must include the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC V, WIPPSI, or WAIS) as well as a series of educational achievement tests. There is no “standard list” of educational tests to be administered, but testing may include selections from the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP), Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Oral Written Language Scales (OWLS), the Beery Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (VMI), and the Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT). Please consult with your educational psychologist to determine which battery of tests is most appropriate for your child.
We Require:
  • Parent tour and individual meeting, or attendance at a Parent Information Session
  • Student application with $50 application fee
  • Current psycho-educational evaluation (completed within 24 months of application)
  • Teacher evaluations
    • Grades 1-5: One teacher evaluation
    • Grades 6-12: One English teacher evaluation and one math teacher evaluation
  • Current transcript or three years of report cards as appropriate
  • Student visit (after review of psycho-educational evaluation and receipt of application)

Laura M. Karey, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
Phone: (410)753-8123

Patricia Utz, Enrollment Management Special Projects and Financial Aid
Fax: 410-753-8080
Phone: (410)753-8131

Carey Mitchell, Assistant Director of Admission - Lower and Middle School

Alexa Fitzpatrick '05, Assistant Director of Admission - Upper School
Phone: (410) 753-8034
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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