We welcome and encourage visitors to Jemicy School.
We believe that the best way to understand our program is by visiting while classes are in session.


Please contact the Admission Office to schedule a tour of the school, which may include either a meeting with the admission staff to discuss your child’s learning profile or participation in an Information Session. In order for us to best prepare for an in-depth understanding or discussion about your child, we encourage you to forward a copy of the psycho-educational evaluation in advance of the visit.


Jemicy offers a number of Information Sessions throughout the year for prospective parents and educational professionals. Information sessions provide detailed overviews of our programs and educational philosophy. Each Information Session is followed by a tour of the school. Dates and topics for sessions on both campuses are available from the Admission Office, and space may be reserved for any session with a member of the admission team. 


As part of the admission process, applicants will have the opportunity to spend a day on campus with a Jemicy student host. The application and application fee must be submitted prior to the student visit.


Jemicy is committed to partnering with educational consultants, evaluators, and school professionals to serve the needs of students with language-based learning differences. We welcome and encourage visits to both of our campuses during the school year. Please contact any member of the admission team to arrange a visit and tour or to reserve space at one of our Information Sessions. 
Carey Mitchell, Assistant Director of Admission – Lower and Middle School
Phone: 410-753-8032
Email: cmitchell@jemicyschool.org

Alexa Fitzpatrick '05, Assistant Director of Admission – Upper School
Phone: 410-753-8034
Email: afitzpatrick@jemicyschool.org
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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