Lower School students participate in arts classes four to five times per week. It is through the arts discipline that many of the skills and concepts being taught in other disciplines are supported and reinforced (counting, symmetry, memorization strategies, etc.).

The dance curriculum seeks to give students the opportunity to enjoy motion and movement through dance in a relaxed, creative, and encouraging environment. Dance class complements the academic structure of the school day.

Integrating music into the curriculum stimulates the imagination and enhances the study of other disciplines. The music program is designed to be aesthetically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually enriching for our students.

The theatre arts program allows students to combine elements of the performing arts to produce a full scale musical production each year. Through this experience, students refine their ability to collaborate and communicate as part of an ensemble. 

The visual arts class explores the creative processes through two and three-dimensional art theory and concepts. Students paint, draw, sculpt, study various artists and learn about their influence and style.
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