The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is an organization that concerns itself with the complex issues of dyslexia. The IDA membership consists of a variety of professionals in partnership with people with dyslexia, their families and all others interested in it's mission. The Association endeavors to disseminate current research, trends, and tools that optimize programs to assist children with language-based learning differences.

Head of School Ben Shifrin is a former VP of the Board of Directors of the International Dyslexia Association, as well as an honored member of its Hall of Fame; he previously served as the association’s treasurer. In 2016, Jemicy became the first school in the nation to be accredited by the IDA.



Jemicy School partners with Notre Dame of Maryland University to offer a 12-credit graduate dyslexia certificate program with courses developed by Megan McGowan, head of Jemicy Lower School, and other administrators and master teachers. The program teaches those on the ‘front line’ the skills and methods needed to be competent and effective diagnosticians and teachers for all children, not just those with learning differences. Classes are held at both the university and Jemicy School in Owings Mills.

Course offerings will include:
  • Foundations of Literacy I: A Structured Language Approach for Teaching Students with Dyslexia (3)
  • Foundations of Math: Understanding Math as a Language (3)
  • Foundations of Literacy II: Moving Beyond the Basics (3)
  • Integration of Learning Strategies and Executive Function Skills (3)
This coursework, which also touches on dysgraphia and dyscalculia, aligns itself with the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading developed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Upon completion, candidates will be prepared to take the IDA certification exam for classroom educators.

Interested persons should click HERE, then on the “REQUEST INFO” link (bottom of the page); complete and submit the form. Those submitting a form will be contacted by Dr. Jeanette Quinn, Assistant Dean Notre Dame School of Education, who can be reached at for additional inquiries.


Project Read is a phonology-based curriculum for students in kindergarten through eighth grade that has been utilized by the Jemicy Professional Outreach program to provide teacher training and classroom support. Our programs in Berkeley County, West Virginia and Edgewood Elementary School in Baltimore City garnered national attention for focusing on faculty training opportunities, in-class visits, workbook materials, and mentoring. Jemicy’s work at Edgewood was featured in the NPB film Demystifying Dyslexia, produced by WNED, New York and the Arrison Foundation


Jemicy School enjoys a partnership with the Maryland Biodiversity Project. The Project (MBP) was started in June 2012 by Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton to thoroughly catalogue the living things of Maryland. Over 16,000 species have been catalogued, including over 7,000 species with photographs, featuring the work of more than 500 naturalists and photographers (including some Jemicy students and faculty). The collaboration, which involves many exceptional naturalists in and around Maryland, makes this project an indispensable resource for conservation and education.
Jemicy School students explore their school's habitats and work with Maryland Biodiversity Project to identify, document, share interesting facts, and maintain their school checklist. In the past few years, Jemicy has proudly added new Baltimore County records to the project!
Supporting nature education is a primary goal of MBP, and Jemicy is excited to participate and share our discoveries! Click HERE to check out MBP’s home page and checklist.


Creating programs and partnerships through sport and scholarship

In 2013, The Paul Rabil Foundation established a partnership with Jemicy School and began distributing micro-grant scholarships to students based on their dedicated participation in school sports or other co-curricular programs. Students recognized have shared their talents with classmates, served as ambassadors for the school, and modeled Paul’s belief that students with learning differences can accomplish great things. In addition to the scholarships, the Foundation donates athletic equipment and uniforms for both boys and girls teams. The Paul Rabil Foundation is committed to helping children with learning differences by creating programs and partnerships through sport and scholarship. Learn more by clicking HERE.


Jemicy joined Green Schools Alliance in 2019, agreeing that as sustainability stewards, our school will set goals, take action, and monitor and share progress in the three sustainability leadership action tracks:
  • reduce our climate and ecological impact
  • educate and engage community
  • transform our institutional culture
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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