J. Peter Ward, Jr., President and Board Chair; Executive Committee Chair
Steve G. Gilden, Secretary
Christopher M. Mutascio, Treasurer; Finance & Investment Commitees Chair
Steven L. Berman
Frona A. Brown                            
David Chung                            
Lois Greenwald Cohen '76
Marc A. Cohen ’90       
Sarah Griswold-Johnson                         
Ryan A. Jolson                                 
Ned Kissinger              
Stephen O'Neil '93                   
Timothy T. Prigg                       
Kellay St. John                         
Nate Tower '80            
Russ White '84             
D'Lisa Worthy                          
Benjamin Shifrin, Head of School
Jean Brune, Advisory Board Chair
John E. Colston, Trusteeship Committee Chair
Rebecca M. Flynn, Chair Emeritus
Peter W. Kim, Information Technology Committee Chair
Patti Mutascio, Development Committee Chair
Michael J. Sachs, Long-range Plan Implementation Committee Chair
Francesca C. Siciliano, Building and Grounds Committee Chair
Mandell Bellmore       
Richard F. Blue, Jr.                   
Susan R. Grant                         
Victor E. Hencken II     
Beverly McCarthy                    
Michael P. Meisel                    
James G. Morgan                     
Jonathan P. Myers       
Thomas F. O'Neil, Jr.    
Thomas H. Price III       
Robert G. Sabelhaus
H.S. Taylor White III
An internationally recognized leader in educating talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences.
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